Independence Day

Independence Day, originally uploaded by naaatasha.
A funny little video I made just now because I'm bored. I'm going to develop my film photos from the fourth soon!

PS, I often wonder why I do this blog and I've come to the conclusion that it is purely for my benefit.  I'm glad some people read this thing, but honestly, blogging for pure public benefit sort of weirds me out.  I'm not really into over-sharing my personal life to complete strangers---it seems narcissistic to me.  But, I don't do this because I think that people out there must want to read about my life and the things I like.  I do it as a journal of sorts.  Mementos of life, I guess.  Anyways, if you do happen look at this every once in awhile, thank you! Don't be afraid to comment.  I do miss the interactive days of Livejournal. And I hope I don't bore you too much.

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