April was a good month. I'm looking forward to May.

April in pictures:
Blown out picture of the audience at the Fleet Foxes/Blitzen Trapper show at the Fox Theatre in Oakland.

We took a hike in the Berkeley Hills...
Derek, doing something.

Evan and Derek

Chelsea, Sergio, Alexa, and Jon

Chelsea and the pups.

Skye and me after the Fleet Foxes/Vetiver show at the Palace of Fine Arts

Fish N Chips at Liverpool Lil's.

[I stole these next three pictures from Skye.]
Walking to Liverpool Lil's

At the Fillmore after the show.

Huxley, such a cutie.

Sam's 23rd birthday at Alembic
My drink had gold in it...and not just gold flakes. It turned my finger gold when I dipped it in there.

Sam and Ruben

Sam, Isabella, and Dominique

The following are pictures from the week of 80+ weather and how I spent it at Dolores.
This white dog was a serial rapist.

Shaun and Lauren.


Trying to fit 5 people into a photobooth at Pops=tough.
Somehow we squeezed Sam, Ruben, Dominique, Derek, and me in there.

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