Les frères Lumière

My very talented friend, Joy and I are in the midst of creating a clothing line, so I'm on a major inspiration hunt.  I came across some photos from the Lumiere brothers and I was instantly inspired.  Now I need to find a good biography on the dudes because Wiki just ain't gonna cut it.  I'm intrigued.  (If you have any suggestions, please send them my way)

Danse Serpentine, 1896!
The dudes filmed Loie Fuller dancing (in black and white) and painstakingly hand painted each frame.

Excuse me while I continue getting sucked into a Lumiere, Loie Fuller Wiki black hole....who knows where I'll end up.  Probably like, on the page for this.


At the Met.

Please excuse the phone pictures.  I just wanted to post some pictures of things that I happened to find interesting at the Met.


Through her eyes

Here are a few of my photos from Skye's visit.  I seem to remember taking a lot more, but I suppose I didn't.  

Through his eyes.

Skye was able to spend a whole eleven days here in New York with me!  Here are some of the photos he took during his stay.


The day Skye had to leave...breakfast at Juliette.  :(

Everyday was full of all the fun things I've been wanting to do/eat in New York.  Trips to the Met, the aquariaum/Coney Island, Highline Park, Chelsea Market, many walks around SoHo/NoHo, Brooklyn Flea.  Eating Roberta's pizzas in bed (this only happened twice....), The Smile (OH MY GOD, the fig, cheese, arugula, truffle oil sandwich...), Ippudo (wasabi shoyu ramen!), Cafe Gitane, a Japanese restaurant in the East Villiage where Skye was the only non-Japanese dude (and he speaks Japanese way better than me!), Momo Sushi Shack and more.  Seeing Midnight in Paris (SO GOOD) and Bill Cunningham New York (you already know how I feel about that).  AND I cut off a bunch of my hair.  100 degree days in NYC will make you do that.  I feel so much better now that I'm not covered in hair.

But the most fun thing of all was spending time with my best friend.  One more month 'till we get to do that again!

Photos all by Skye Skjelset (look at his other pictures!)


The Disciples

We just got in a new shipment of books at work and among them was The Disciples by James Mollison.
He attended a bunch of concerts and took photos of the fans that were attending them. These guys take it way past the "wearing the band I'm seeing's t-shirt" concert faux-pas to a whole other level.
I remember once in high school on the way to a show, my friend's boyfriend scoffed at the idea of listening to the band on the ride there, which was news to me.

 So, how about you guys?  Does the band you're seeing influence the way you dress to their concert?  

I played a game with myself....guess what concert they're at!  (YES, I'm a nerd.)  Can you guess who they were seeing?

(1. Rod Stewart, always one of my favorites. 
2.Oasis, duh.
3. Missy Elliot!)


Bill Cunningham...now that's inspiration.

Last Monday, Skye and I finally got around to seeing Bill Cunninham New York.  I know for a fact that I have not smiled throughout a whole movie like that since I was a child.  (I'm one of those people that start to zone out and daydream during movies, but there was none of that while watching Mr.Cunningham).  Not only did the movie make me smile, laugh, and yes, even tear up....it seriously inspired me.  Bill is not an amazing photographer but his eye for fashion and trends and his perseverance made me think about what it is that I'm doing at this moment in time.  For like FIFTY years, he has gotten on his bike and rides allllll over New York City (uptown, downtown, and back uptown again) taking pictures of anything and everything that catches his eye.  And after all that bike ridin', he goes into the Times and works on his On the Street article.  I mean, this dude was doing it all before all of y'all. 

In all his hard work and dedication, this man appears to be so amazingly humble and kind-hearted.  He has integrity that is so rare to see these days.  Should I stop gushing now?  

Go see it if you haven't yet!

The NYT does a video version of his article.  Check them out here.


Bored and looking for inspiration....

Florals and Pinks

Just a typical Thursday night spent doing laundry and cleaning my room....I've been feeling rather uninspired when it comes to fashion, so I went looking for inspiration on La Garconne and Polyvore.  This is my first set (I think I made one years ago, but that doesn't count....trust me.)  Maybe I'll make some more, maybe I won't.


Sweet Magazine May '11 feature!

A few months ago, a couple of sweet ladies from Sweet Magazine came by Bird and took me and Lily's photo!  Here's a scan of the article!
(I'm wearing a dress by Whit and No.6 shoes.  Lily is wearing an Etoile Isabel Marant jumper and Woman by Common Projects wedges.)
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