Good friends, very good food, and "some" wine make for a real good time.  Everyone made their part of Thanksgiving dinner--I made cranberry sauce, roasted brussels sprouts and a lobster tail for me (I don't eat land or air meats) and we started eating at four and didn't stop until midnight.  We ate our seconds, thirds, and fourths while Youtubing ridiculous & amazing music videos. 

I also made way too much cranberry sauce.  I bought three bags of cranberries and at the last minute decided that I would only use two.  That was still a ton of sauce.  I just figured out what to do with some of my leftovers--quinoa, steamed broccoli, arugula, cucumber....and cranberry sauce.  I might be crazy, but we'll see, I haven't eaten it yet.


Cuttin' down trees.

I decided to make a playlist of songs that remind me of being cold.  (You need to have a Spotify account to listen!)

Stevie Wonder--Happier Than The Morning Sun
Cocteau Twins--Lorelei
The Microphones--Bass Drum Dream
Beach House--Heart of Chambers
Elliott Smith--Everything Means Nothing to Me
Vashti Bunyan--I'd Like to Walk Around in Your Mind
Gillian Welch--I Dream a Highway
Mount Eerie--Thanksgiving
David Rawlings Machine--Ruby
Elliott Smith--Pretty (Ugly Before)
Judee Sill--Lopin' Along Thru the Cosmos
Joni Mitchell--River


Backyard envy.

Lucy and Stephen Marr's backyard via The Selby

Gary Schott

I apologize for all the videos lately, but this is so cool.  It makes me want to learn how to use all those huge machines.  Ironically, I was just watching an episode of Wonder Years where Kevin takes a wood shop class.  The only wood shop class I ever got to take was in 7th grade.  Our school had just been rebuilt and it was the 1st quarter of the new building being open.  Somehow, I was put into a shop class, but none of the machines were set up yet.  We had to sit around and learn how to use all different types of rulers....we never got to make a thing.  Shame, really.

Via Craft Haus


Lauren Manoogian

So excited about my new Lauren Manoogian scarf!  We're experiencing a bit of a heat wave in New York, so I can't really wear it yet--but it'll be perfect for Europe and the plane ride there.


A couple of movies that I'm looking forward to seeing.

I know, I know, another Selby film--but this one features a regular customer from my job and I am so completely jealous of her upstate home.  I want one!



Upstate daytrip pt.1

Last week we rented a little yellow Fiat 500 and drove upstate to Beacon and New Paltz.  
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