Any Wednesday

Fitting for a Wednesday post, here's some stills from the 1966 movie (adapted from a Broadway play) Any Wednesday.  What honestly drew me to this movie was the cover, but the fact that it stars Jane Fonda made me actually add it to my queue.  I tried to get my boyfriend to watch this with me one night, but did not succeed.  
Anyways, it's about a woman who is sort of coaxed into getting with this married man that is basically scum.  He has this "thing" where he pretends he goes out of town every Wednesday and those are his "free days" to cheat on his wife.  He's really rich, so I guess he has that going for him....but basically he's an asshole.  

 He wins her over by visiting her everyday when she's in the hospital for "the hepatitis". (???)
Cool brown polka dot headscarf!
Oh, and she loves being surprised by an apartment full o' balloons.
 She has a DREAM apartment...this is apparently in the middle of Manhattan.  She has a courtyard??  What?  Where do I find me that?
Cute ponytail.
 Some other dude pulls the balloon trick and wins her over.


Happy mother's day!

my mom is a tall lady
My mom is the tall one in the middle....I certainly did not inherit that from her.

shes not in jail!
This looks like a mugshot, but it was a school photo or something.

My mom, her niece, and my mom's sister.  My mom has 15 brothers and sisters, so due to the large gap in age with her siblings, this particular niece is actually my mom's age!  This was her wedding day.

sao paulo 1979?
My mom in Sao Paulo, right before she left for the States.  She's the only one in her huge family to leave home.

traveling around the country
My mom first came to New York, where she lived for a bit not knowing a stitch of English.  She then traveled around the country in a van...this is her in Arizona, I think.  I'm pretty sure I did inherit her sense of adventure and travel, though!

my mom in 1981
Then my mom settled in the Bay for a bit.  Long before I moved there for school!

My mom and I in San Francisco on my 22nd birthday (2009).

Happy mother's day to all the mothers out there......especially mine, whom I look up to so much!  



Curtains seem to be taking over my Flickr favorites

Untitled by Free Bliss

U-Lee by The Snail and the Cyclops

Untitled by Tatja

Untitled by The Snail and the Cyclops

Sunlight Bedroom
Sunlight Bedroom by Sean Pecknold


What I got: APC warehouse sale edition

I had been waiting for the APC sale for weeks (that may be sad, but who cares).  Finally, it had arrived.  I really hadn't planned on spending that much money, but the prices were amazing and there was SO MUCH good stuff.  It was overwhelming to say the least.
Maybe some day I'll post pictures of me wearing the stuff, but taking pictures of yourself is so strange.  I have a hard enough time doing it for my Etsy, which might explain why I haven't updated it in a loooong time.  I never feel like (or think of) taking pictures of my outfits.  It just seems too self involved or something.
(Top to bottom, left to right)
Reddish orange hooded APC jacket that I've been wanting forever, amazing khaki Madras cape, burgundy brown short sleeved APC sweater, long liberty print "Amish" APC dress, Madras overall shorts!

I just post have these pictures because I am so excited about my new clothes!!  


It's May!

It's finally May, which means the end of April showers (hopefully) and the beginning of May flowers.  May arriving also means that I get to see my boyfriend soon! I watched this movie on Netflix instant last month as it popped up in my suggested movies after I added Food, Inc to my queue. (? ) Turns out, they're only related because the husband in this movie is nuts and he is a health freak.  I wouldn't necessarily recommend this movie as it was a bit boring, but I got some nice stills out of it!


Recently acquired.

I've gone a little crazy when it comes to "buying" clothes lately, but it is just so hard when you're constantly surrounded by beautiful clothes....and the weather is changing so I have nothing to wear....(insert more excuses that'll make me feel better). I have never been one to spend a ton of money on clothes. I have always been happy thrifting and scrounging for cheap deals (I still am!) but as I "mature", I feel like filling my closet with quality goods that I can have for a looong time.  Luckily, I earn money towards clothing at my job, so pretty much all of these babies are mine guilt free!  

(From top, left to right) Kork-Ease platforms*, No.6 Kiltie clogs, Rag & Bone jeans, Madras APC cotton embroidered dress, Steven Alan striped maxi dress, Girl Band of Outsiders cropped sweater, Won Hundred button up*, Madewell linen tee.

(All from Bird with the exception of those asterisk'd.)

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