What I got: APC warehouse sale edition

I had been waiting for the APC sale for weeks (that may be sad, but who cares).  Finally, it had arrived.  I really hadn't planned on spending that much money, but the prices were amazing and there was SO MUCH good stuff.  It was overwhelming to say the least.
Maybe some day I'll post pictures of me wearing the stuff, but taking pictures of yourself is so strange.  I have a hard enough time doing it for my Etsy, which might explain why I haven't updated it in a loooong time.  I never feel like (or think of) taking pictures of my outfits.  It just seems too self involved or something.
(Top to bottom, left to right)
Reddish orange hooded APC jacket that I've been wanting forever, amazing khaki Madras cape, burgundy brown short sleeved APC sweater, long liberty print "Amish" APC dress, Madras overall shorts!

I just post have these pictures because I am so excited about my new clothes!!  


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