Here are the last of my photos from my last trip to Seattle.



Hope there's someone.

Oil on Canvas

A painting that's gonna be in my show.


I feel so incredibly honored to have so many extremely talented people as friends and Pakayla Biehn is no exception.  Her work blows me away.  These are real paintings, guys.  Paintings.  If you live in the Bay area, you should check out her new stuff solo exhibition at Gallery Hijinks.  Opening reception is this Saturday, October 8th from 6-10pm.



Pike Place market and drinking Rainiers with my mom and stepdad, sitting by Lake Washington on a beautiful day in Kirkland, shopping at the Filson flagship, and seeing Wishbone place a "secret" show in a median in Ravenna.


Chibi Lai

I'm so excited to be working with photographer Chibi Lai next week!  Chibi is going to be shooting the Wolcott : Takemoto lookbook for us....I can't wait to see how it turns out.

All photos by  Chibi Lai



I went to Seattle last Thursday, saw my buddies Heatwarmer (and R.Stevie Moore) at the Vera.  Friday and Saturday, my mom and I took a trip to Portland.  We ate a lot.  Walked around.  Did Portland things.  And then I got to spend a few more days in Seattle...I ended the trip with a couple fantastic shows at the Paramount.  I really do miss Seattle.  It was one of those perfect end-of-summer Seattle weeks were there isn't a cloud in the sky,  Mt.Rainier is out in all her glory, and the weather is consistently 82 with a cool breeze.  
I'm a PNWer through and through.

100 years of fashion

In honor of New York Fashion Week.
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