Manhattan Inn

I really wish I had some better photos of the WT party, but I hate using flash and I was too busy having fun with all the wonderful people that came.  


So...the launch party was amazing--I couldn't have asked for a better group of people to show up.  Well, I  do wish my out-of-state friends and family could have come too, but maybe next time? Also, I'm so excited that Bird wrote about us in their blog!  It is such an honor to be featured on my favorite store's site. :)


Wolcott : Takemoto launch party!

I'm happy to announce that we will be celebrating the launch of WT with a party at Manhattan Inn on Monday the 10th from 7-11PM!  Skye and I will be "spinning tunes".  So please come, have some cocktails, look at the clothes in person, and dance!  RSVP here.


Wolcott : Takemoto is here!

You guys!!  Wolcott : Takemoto is officially here.  Joy and I are so excited to share this with you all.



My first attempt at making a poached egg.


I had some luck shopping at Junk and 10 ft. single by Stella Dallas today.  Everything was so cheap!  And it just so happens that the drink tray is a map of the Washington/Oregon border.  I noticed this after I had already decided that I was going to buy it.  :)



I'm a huge believer in eggs.  Here's a great little article about how to poach eggs and why eggs are good for you.
Via Stone Soup.

And here's another mini-shoot styled by me and Lilli. 
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