Raquel Allegra Fall 2011

I don't normally find myself gravitating toward Raquel Allegra's clothes because I do not like deconstructed things,  but she is really winning me over with her fall line.  I got the dress in the first picture (in black) today and I'm in love.  First of all, there's nothing deconstructed about the dress, it's in this amazing wool gauze, and it's lined in super soft cotton jersey.  It really is the perfect winter dress. At  Bird, we have that black skirt (3rd photo down) in an amazing white gauze. (There's actually a photo of me wearing it here)  AND we have a mustard cropped shirt version of the dress that I got. I want it all.  But I decided on the dress even though I neeeever wear black.  I figure every girl needs a good black dress in their closet--especially a warm, flowy, shirtdress.

Photos from Totokaelo.



Anyone that knows me at all knows that I seem to have this color palette that follows me around.  Although I tend to stick to the neutral side of things, I do have a great love for very neutral pastels.  That's one of the reasons I found this video of Paul and Linda so endearing.  Those lights in the background.  But mostly, it was just the sweetness of her singing along with him while she took like 10 billion photos of him...all while wearing those boots.
I looked through my recent "likes" on Tumblr and came across a lot of images that fit into this color story.  I really had to stop myself or else I'd post all 655 of my liked posts.

And as for Irene, luckily it wasn't as bad as they had thought.  Phew.

Photo credit:
1.  Friendship album by Margaret Williams, 1839.  
2.  Unknown
7.  Stevie Nicks, duh.


The Tokyo home of Katsuya Kamo.

So perfect.  
Photos from The Selby

By the way, I'm currently preparing for the arrival of Irene.  We have a windowless empty room in our apartment that we'll probably move our mattresses into.  We have candles (it was impossible to find a flashlight in this city!), wine, food, and coloring books to keep us busy in case the power goes out.  I'm hoping that this will all blow over (harhar) and things will return to normal asap.



COSMIC WONDER Light Source Fall 2011.  They make some great menswear as well.  Bear with me as I will probably make another CW post tomorrow or something.

Cosmic Wonder

The everlasting peace in this village is sustained by your hopes.

I was looking for more clothing by COSMIC WONDER Light Source and I started exploring their website and I discovered that their clothing line is actually just 1/3 of a conceptual project that was founded in 1997 by a Japanese artist named Yukinori Maeda.  Cosmic Wonder is a multimedia art project, COSMIC WONDER Light Source is their fashion & lifestyle project, and COMIC WONDER Free Press is book and music publishing.  There is also the Solar Garden, which is environmentally friendly clothing, textiles, and soap.  How perfect!  


Day off.

One of my favorite ways to spend a day off is by wandering around the city aimlessly.  I normally stay below 14th street (I know, such a cliche.  Who cares?) and today was no exception.  I visited some shops, stopped for banh mi, developed some film, and bought a present for someone special.  This next week will be busy, so this alone time was much needed.


Currently longing for this Cosmic Wonder Light Source dress.

I'm just sitting here looking at Maryam Nassir Zadeh's website and daydreaming about owning my own shop someday.  Maybe soon, when Wolcott : Takemoto takes off....


A new camera!

Skye got me a new-to-me camera for our anniversary!  Here are some photos from my first roll of film--I'm still getting used to the camera, but I look forward to playing around with it.  And yes, I know there are a lot of photos of the dude, but I can't help it.  

The first few photos are from when we biked around Central Park.  It was the perfect way to see the whole park, which I (a nearly two-year New York resident!) had never done. 
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