Raquel Allegra Fall 2011

I don't normally find myself gravitating toward Raquel Allegra's clothes because I do not like deconstructed things,  but she is really winning me over with her fall line.  I got the dress in the first picture (in black) today and I'm in love.  First of all, there's nothing deconstructed about the dress, it's in this amazing wool gauze, and it's lined in super soft cotton jersey.  It really is the perfect winter dress. At  Bird, we have that black skirt (3rd photo down) in an amazing white gauze. (There's actually a photo of me wearing it here)  AND we have a mustard cropped shirt version of the dress that I got. I want it all.  But I decided on the dress even though I neeeever wear black.  I figure every girl needs a good black dress in their closet--especially a warm, flowy, shirtdress.

Photos from Totokaelo.

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