Anyone that knows me at all knows that I seem to have this color palette that follows me around.  Although I tend to stick to the neutral side of things, I do have a great love for very neutral pastels.  That's one of the reasons I found this video of Paul and Linda so endearing.  Those lights in the background.  But mostly, it was just the sweetness of her singing along with him while she took like 10 billion photos of him...all while wearing those boots.
I looked through my recent "likes" on Tumblr and came across a lot of images that fit into this color story.  I really had to stop myself or else I'd post all 655 of my liked posts.

And as for Irene, luckily it wasn't as bad as they had thought.  Phew.

Photo credit:
1.  Friendship album by Margaret Williams, 1839.  
2.  Unknown
7.  Stevie Nicks, duh.

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