Really looking forward to trying out this recipe from Lottie and Doof in a couple days.


Love these things.  Japanese pattern books from Kinokuniya


Kiki and Tombo

Never posted our Halloween costumes!

Snapshots from a few months ago.

Costumes.  Jack the sailor is not actually wearing a string on his nose, but that would be awesome if he was.

I just developed a roll of film that's been sitting in my lil' Canon auto camera.  I use it as my "going out" camera since it has a flash...but seeing as I rarely "go out" anymore, this roll has been sitting in there for awhile.  These are some photos from Halloween (the night we dressed up and then actual Halloween).


New Year!

Super fun New Year's eve party followed by a delicious brunch at Lilli's house on New Year's day!


One of my favorites from Skye's website.  Check it out.
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