The Disciples

We just got in a new shipment of books at work and among them was The Disciples by James Mollison.
He attended a bunch of concerts and took photos of the fans that were attending them. These guys take it way past the "wearing the band I'm seeing's t-shirt" concert faux-pas to a whole other level.
I remember once in high school on the way to a show, my friend's boyfriend scoffed at the idea of listening to the band on the ride there, which was news to me.

 So, how about you guys?  Does the band you're seeing influence the way you dress to their concert?  

I played a game with myself....guess what concert they're at!  (YES, I'm a nerd.)  Can you guess who they were seeing?

(1. Rod Stewart, always one of my favorites. 
2.Oasis, duh.
3. Missy Elliot!)

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