I finally got around to uploading these photos I took on a very spectacular day that I spent with Skye last month. We started off with breakfast at Cafe Gitane (baked eggs with tomato and basil, watermelon juice, fresh fruit with yogurt and granola, and of course, the avocado toast).  After our big "feast", we F trained it out to the New York Aquarium on Coney Island.  Boy, do I love aquariums, I always have.  As a kid, I used to spend hours at the beach collecting wildlife in a bucket --- I would put all these creatures in there; crabs (hermit and regular), snails, eels, etc. and I would watch them interact with each other for a while before eventually letting them back into the wild.  Anyways, we checked out the sea life....Skye tested out his new macro lens and then we took a very quick stroll around the boardwalk,  ate some elementary-school-grade cheese pizza and a soft serve cone and headed back into the city.

Somehow, we still had the energy to see Bridesmaids (because sitting in an air conditioned theatre, eating popcorn and laughing takes tons of energy). After all this eating popcorn and laughing, we were in need of some dinner, so we walked around the East Village in search of good Japanese food.  If you know New York at all, then you know that good Japanese in plentiful in the E.Village.  And, if you know Skye and I at all, then you know that we're bad at choosing restaurants.*  So indecisive. We finally just said "*#@* it, lets eat here"  when we spotted a tiny little restaurant on 1st or 2nd Ave  where Skye ended up being the only non-Japanese dude in the place.  Needless to say, we were not disappointed---but we were exhausted.

*Also, if you know me at all, then you know that if I'm hungry and on the search for food, you better get me something to eat quick....or else. 

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