Girls just wanna have fun...

Here are some stills from yet another wonderfully bad 80s movie.  I don't know why, but lately I'm really addicted to the COMMAND SHIFT 3 keys.  I can't watch anything without taking a few screenshots...so, I feel like it's all (sort of) worth it if I 
post them on here.  
So, all in all, this movie is pretty corny and unbelievable.  The only believable thing in this movie is SJP's character.  She's so endearingly awkward and shy, yet sarcastic/smartass-like.  I love that in a girl.  Oh, I guess the fact that SJP can dance irl is pretty unbelievable---you'll notice that most dance shots were taken from like, 100 feet away.  
Sidenote: Helen Hunt and a very young Shannon Doherty are also in this movie. 90s tv stars all over the place.

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