Modern Girls

I have a serious Netflix instant addiction. I can't sit at home without having something playing in the background. This Friday I chose an 80s gem called "Modern Girls". Watch as two (and sometimes three) girls drag around "nice guy with a borrowed sweet ride" to all the hot LA clubs. Romance and crazy hi jinx ensue.

Sitting in a room ready a magazine about Bruce Willis?? Anyway, how dreamy is that room?

I wanted a Pacer so bad in high school. Mostly because of this.

Why were the 80s SO EIGHTIES. Every mainstream movie or music video (or music, for that matter) is so blatantly 80s. The crazy hair, the goofy sidekick friend with "wacky style", overloaded accessories....overloaded EVERYTHING. I dunno, I kinda love it, though. The nostalgia of it all. Even though I was barely even born yet.

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