Leeds, UK

Skye got me the most amazing Christmas present--a trip to Europe!  I flew from JFK to Brussels airport and from Brussels to Leeds-Bradford, which apparently is one of the most dangerous airports to fly into.  I found this out after I had safely landed, thank goodness.  We were in one of those tiny airplanes and those scare me enough as it is.  We hung out all day at the O2 Academy, then drove overnight to London.  We got to spend one day in London (unfortunately, that roll of film turned out blank--what the heck.)  And then the wonderful Ben and Cil drove us to Heathrow where we flew out to Amsterdam and spent four amazing days there.  I had never been to Europe or the UK before, so this was all very exciting and new to me.  I really didn't want to come home.  I wish I could travel around for months--there's so many cities I would love to see!  Anyways, more pictures to come in a bit!

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