Typical Annie Hall post

I've been on a pretty big Woody Allen/Diane Keaton kick lately. I know this is nothing new...but seriously, her style is impeccable. She makes me want to wear floppy hats everyday. I FINALLY got around to watching Annie Hall. I had it from Netflix for literally 2 years and NEVER watched it....but it's finally on instant! Here are some of my favorite scenes/outfits:

Also, I quit my job! I felt that it would be best for me to pursue something more creative and in my field...so I packed up my stuff, found someone to sublet my room, and jetted over to Seattle. I'll be here for a month and a half working on stuuuff. We'll see what's in store!


  1. Watch Manhatten if u haven't seen it. It is just as good! Great film shots by the way!;)

  2. I love Manhattan too! I'm so glad most of his films are on Netflix instant :)


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