I have a shoe problem

I am one of those people that are extremely picky about my clothes. Generally, what's going through my head when I'm at a store is "this would cute if it wasn't like this" or "I would like this if it was in a different color"....etc,etc. Now I realize what my problem is: I can't expect to find the perfect article of clothing while expecting to pay less than $50 for everything. All the expensive stuff is pretty much spot on, of course. I would have to be willing to save up for those perfect key items. I started off by treating myself to these boots from Madewell:

And now I would like very much to add all these shoes to my wardrobe. Especially those black A Detacher wedges and the Rachel Comey clogs...


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  2. those madewell boots are on point! pretty much all their stuff is, really.

  3. Yes! I'm really happy with my purchase...except for one small thing: the boots rub up against my ankle and caused some major leather burn. I just have to break 'em in.


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