Skye showed me these photos and I am so incredibly jealous of Yanagisawa Konomi's house featured on Lifecycling.


Knits and kimonos.

Browsing Etsy.

From Kindred Kimono's Etsy.  All photos link to the items.


I made a treasury on Etsy.


My heart goes out to all the people who have lost their homes, a loved one, or is close to anyone that is going through a tough time right now after the storm.  

If you have the means or the time, consider helping out these animals in addition to helping out the people of the East Coast and the Caribbean.

Adopt/foster an animal.  (Links to available pets in this article)
Donate time or money to this animal shelter in Staten Island.

To sign up to volunteer.
Donate to the Red Cross.

Or even just eat out at these restaurants.

There are many, many ways to help...these are just a few.



 Mia Farrow in Woody Allen's Alice, 1990.
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